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Times New Roman (14) is taken as the main font for writing the work, however, some universities offer Calibri (14). Works must be written in black font color. For the introduction of headings and subtitles, the 16th size of the main font for work is used (in the absence of additional recommendations on this subject in the training manuals). 
The line spacing is 1.5, on one page of the work it is not advisable to place more than 1800 characters. The left indent should be equal to 30 mm., The right 10 mm, the lower should be set to 20 mm, the top one to 15 mm. The pages of the work should be numbered in the upper right corner. The numbering begins with the introduction, the page of the title page and the content should not be numbered. Paper size coursework A4. For better preservation and conservation of an attractive appearance, it is better to place the printed coursework in a moisture-proof wrapper (folder). 

It has already been written above that compliance with the recommendations and prescriptions is half the success, what is the other half? It is extremely important to write the entire text of the work in a strictly academic style, without engaging in journalistic, colloquial, or book style. The text of the work must be unique, plagiarism is categorically unacceptable (in this case, the work is not counted, and for the author of such work there may comeadditional negative consequences in the local dean of the office). 

If a student knows the material used, is oriented in it and does not look for an answer to the teacher’s question for too long, this will be an undoubted advantage for the student. If the verifier notices this, he will react to the author more loyally. 
It is not recommended to delay the deadline, but not to start the rashly, immediately after choosing a topic. It is necessary to take into account the probability that it will not be possible to hand over the work from the first time, for such an outcome of events you will not have a little extra time left. 
You can ask to look at the work of past courses, to ask yourself guidelines for the design of the work. 

After handing over the work to the supervisor, you need to wait until the work is verified. The readability of the text will help speed up this process, and an unstructured text, on the contrary, will slow down the verifier and most likely turn him against the author. 
To oral protection should prepare in advance. It will not be superfluous to sketch a plan of performance with a reflection of the key theses of the work, to think out possible questions that may be asked. The presentation of the work should show the competence of the author, his deep understanding of thetopic and problems. After writing, the course must be read several times and, if necessary, edited. After editing (perhaps not one), you can proceed to formatting the text in accordance with the guidelines. The text should not be a solid piece. Proper division into paragraphs, the introduction of headings and subheadings, the use of numbered and unnumbered lists all this should contribute to the readability of the course text, give it a neat appearance.