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An essay is a small essay, written in a prosaic style and having a free composition, as well as expressing the personal considerations, conclusions and impressions of a person on a given topic, but not originally intended to be exhaustive or fundamental to the question under consideration. The purpose of the essay, as a rule, is the development of creative thinking and writing skills of their thoughts. And the process of writing it is very useful, because contributes to learning and improving the skills of formulating thoughts, structuring information, identifying cause-effect relationships, illustrating existing experience with all sorts of examples and arguing the conclusions. 

In general, of course, there are no definite boundaries in terms of volume for an essay. But it is recommended to write an essay, which is almost always done, with a volume from three to seven pages of printed text (computer). But, for example, many universities in Russia are allowed to write essays up to ten pages in length (typewritten text), and at Harvard Business School they only write essays on two pages. In any essay there is always a specific topic.

Therefore, an essay, by definition, cannot address extensive topics, contain a large number of ideas and should reflect and develop only one thought or answer one question. There should be absolutely no formal framework in the essay. Often, many works in the essay genre are not built on the laws of logic, but are subject to certain arbitrary associations and can even be built on the principle of “The opposite is true”. While working on an essay, the author must adhere to the confidential manner of communication with the reader, avoid complex, overly strict, obscure formulations, and be fluent in the topic, be able to show it from different angles in order to present the reader with a comprehensive view of the problem under consideration, which will become the basis of his future reflections.

In many cases, the essay is designed to astonish the reader. Some experts even consider this condition mandatory. Any aphorism, paradox, a vivid statement that can confront two mutually exclusive thoughts (statements), etc., can be the starting point for the reader’s thoughts. This is just one of the paradoxes of the essay: a work characterized by a free composition and subjectivity of presentation, along with it has an internal semantic integrity, i.e. consistency of the main theses and statements of the author, the harmony of associations and arguments and consistency of judgments. The essay should be focused on the spoken language understandable to everyone, but should not contain patterned phrases and expressions, frivolous coloring, slang or jargon. The narrative should be simple, but taken seriously enough.